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Developing Sustainable Materials and Products

A new factor in new product market development is sustainability.

Sustainable innovation and development considers the economic, environmental, and social aspects in the sourcing, production, use and end-of-service stage of the product life cycle. This brings both risks and opportunities.

Innovators, sustainability practitioners, and business leaders need to understand the impact of good sustainable practices on the innovation process and product development. Investors are considering environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors in their decisions. To stay competitive, forward-thinking businesses need to stay ahead of the curve and practice sustainability in their innovation.

The use of biobased materials in industrial applications is growing with the increased focus on sustainability, greater market preference for environmentally friendly materials, and improved performance as plant based feedstocks improve and formulation technology advances.

Biobased raw materials are well positioned to address environment concerns and meet the performance requirements for a wide range of applications. Noteworthy properties include: a polar nature, low evaporation rate, bio degradability, and low toxicity. This enhances performance properties such as good adhesion to substrates; high lubricity that reduces frictional energy losses; safe and good performance over a broad temperature range; and use in food and pharmaceutical grade applications.

Congratulations to those who manufacture or use biobased materials in their products. And for those who are open to improving their cost – performance – sustainability position, Omni Tech can help you assess your company’s business strategy and help identify sustainability risks and opportunities.

As a leading consulting firm in the renewable resource development industry, Omni Tech biobased commercialization services has expertise and knowledge of feedstocks, technologies, product sales, supply chain, policy, financing, and environmental impact.We help companies assess new technology, develop the value proposition, and guide market validation.Focused market research provides a competitive analysis which is used in developing the business plan.As the new product is prepared for commercial launch, Omni Tech assists in strategy development, project management, and regulatory compliance.Contact us for more information.


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