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Biobased Commercialization

From Innovation to Commercialization

You created a product that offers substantial economic and environmental benefits. Now it’s time to commercialize it. As a leading consulting firm in the renewable resource development industry, we’ll apply our expertise and knowledge of feedstocks, technologies, product sales, supply chain, policy, financing and environmental impact throughout your entire biobased product development and commercialization cycle.

Biobased Commercialization Services


Technology assessment, value proposition development and market opportunity validation


Strategy development, project management and regulatory compliance


Market research, competitive analysis and business plan development



"Omni Tech promotes and advances the use of renewable resources in non-food applications. This focus created a niche in the renewable resources market, making us one of only a handful of consulting companies with the breadth and depth of knowledge to service this industry."


- Lee Ann Keller (Rouse), CEO

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