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Statistical Process Control (SPC) Training

Statistical Process Control (SPC) is the utilization of statistical methods and tools to collect and analyze data in order to study and monitor process capability and performance. Control charts and other statistical tools are used to analyze processes, enabling appropriate actions to achieve improved or stabilized processes. SPC allows organizations to understand variation in their processes, differentiating common causes from special or assignable causes of variation.

Why SPC?
  • Highly recommended as a powerful tool in the analysis of data - it is the cornerstone of data analysis
  • Integral part of Six Sigma and other quality management efforts
  • You must have it to understand where your variation is
  • It helps you determine types of actions necessary to improve your processes

Omni Tech's Training and Consulting Services on Statistical Process Control

Training Class

Omni Tech offers a 2-day class on the Fundamentals of SPC. This class teaches operators, engineers, quality professionals, managers, and other staff members how to determine the "natural variation" of the process or product, how to chart the data to maintain control of the process, and how to respond to the data in order to reduce variation. Specific statistical methods and tools are introduced and used in "realistic" applications to support long-term learning and applicability of the material.

Consulting Services

Omni Tech's consultants can also partner with you to implement SPC or improve an existing process.