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Waste Management & Hazardous Waste

The proper management of solid, liquid and hazardous waste presents a challenge to many organizations due to the complexity of Federal and State regulations that govern this activity. These regulations offer the greatest potential for non-compliance as evidenced by the high number and frequency of violation notices issued by regulatory agencies. Organizations that are affected by these regulations include manufacturers, paint shops and maintenance facilities.

Omni Tech provides basic training to those employees who produce, store, handle or transport waste. This training provides:

  • Recognition of what is a regulated solid or liquid waste
  • Reduced personal and company liability risk exposure
  • Inspection and record keeping requirements
  • Procedures for handling, storing, packaging and recording waste materials     

Omni Tech's Training and Consulting Services for Waste Management include:

1/2 Day Customized Waste Management Training
Sessions are tailored to your type of operations and vary in length and in depth of information covered. The target audience includes all employees involved in the generation, storage, handling and/or transport of regulated waste. Training topics include how to recognize, characterize, package and label a regulated waste material. Real-life examples are used to enhance learning.

Consulting Services

  • Reviewing your current waste management program and identifying observed deficiencies (gap analysis)
  • Conducting a mock compliance audit of your waste management program     
  • Updating procedures manuals