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Spill Control Planning & Response

The prevention of leaks, spills, and accidental releases is an important part of any environmental management program. An efficient, well-thought-out plan can minimize the potential for spills and releases which ultimately interrupt or halt normal operations. In addition to having a defined plan, it is necessary to train employees in how to implement all aspects of that plan.

What are the benefits of a Spill Control Plan?

Spill control and containment plans that also contain appropriate emergency response actions provide many benefits to manufacturing or bulk storage facilities handling hazardous materials or oils. These benefits include:

  • Creation of an inventory system for hazardous materials and oils     
  • A defined program for training employees on how to recognize and assess spill and leak potentials from equipment and tankage
  • Design and installation of cost effective spill control and containment     
  • Defined roles and responsibilities for response actions
  • Reduced risk exposure to employees, the public and the environment
  • Credible communications with employees, neighbors and media
  • Reduced costs for spill clean-ups
  • Reduced potential of civil and criminal enforcement action


 Omni Tech's Consulting Services on Spill Control Planning and Response


 Omni Tech's environmental professionals can assist you in developing a program that satisfies regulatory requirements.

Consulting Services include:

  • Reviewing your current spill and emergency response plans for adequacy and compliance
  • Assisting your staff in developing plans that will meet regulatory requirements     
  • Certifying plans by a Professional Engineer that meet regulatory requirements     
  • Recommending cost effective spill containment and clean-up measures     
  • Defining roles and responsibilities for emergency response actions
  • Developing a communications plan for possible ER scenarios