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Environmental Management System (ISO 14001) Training & Consulting

The ISO 14001 Environmental Management System (EMS) focuses on that specific component of an organization's management structure that addresses the immediate and long-term impact of its products, services and processes on the environment. The ISO 14001 standard provides order and consistency in how an organization assigns responsibilities, allocates resources and evaluates practices, procedures and processes that affect the environment.

Why Consider ISO 14001?

A formal EMS is essential to an organization's ability to anticipate and meet growing environmental performance expectations and to ensure ongoing compliance with national and international requirements. Companies that have adopted a formal EMS tend to utilize their human and raw material resources more effectively and have better compliance records.

Other benefits of a formal EMS include the following:

  • Problems are identified and corrected more quickly
  • Reduced liability and risk exposure (lower insurance costs)
  • Improved raw material selection
  • Defined approach to waste reduction and pollution prevention
  • Enhanced customer and community relations
  • Constructive relationships with regulatory agencies (and perhaps fewer inspections)
  • More fully involved and motivated workforce (clearer definitions of roles and responsibilities and team building)

Additionally, North American motor vehicle manufacturers are mandating that their direct suppliers obtain registration to ISO 14001. This directive is based on the belief that a defined EMS is an integral part of any well-managed company.

Training & Consulting Services

Omni Tech offers two types of ISO 14001 EMS training programs to meet customer needs.

  • Implementation of ISO 14001
  • Internal Auditing of ISO 14001
Each course can be customized for one or two days depending on audience needs and depth of instruction desired. The 2-day courses allow for more breakout work sessions and participants can begin to develop actual outlines for use in a future EMS manual. These courses will allow participants to initiate a gap analysis to compare an existing environmental program to an EMS program that can be audited for registration under ISO 14001. Consulting services include assistance with auditing, gap analysis, and preparation of EMS documentation.